Our Products

Civil Engineering Stabilize civil public works

  • PET woven Geotextile &
    PET Non-woven Geotextile
  • Silt curtain
  • PVD
  • Geosynthetics

    (Geotube Geogrid HDPE etc)

Construction Build up giant architecture

  • Water tank panel
  • Cast resin transformer
  • Plant part

Consumer Goods Speed up to high quality life

  • Cosmetics

    (Make-up, Skin and Lotion, etc)

  • Car Parts

    (Black box, Sunblock protective film, etc)

  • Camping Parts

    (Tent, Tarp, etc)

  • Apparel

    (Clothes, Textiles)

  • Used tires

What does DH TRADING stand for !

DH TRADING is the global partner in supplying a solution of geosynthetics. We provide a more progressive system with quality products for world markets by using reliable networks.

Our products are harmonized with advanced material application to meet project specifications for transportation, construction, stabilized earth, erosion control, water and waste treatment, shoreline protection & marine structure in seaports, airports, roads, railway and embankments on civil engineering.

To the point, DH TRADING as an international trading company is now poised to take another giant leap forward, as it positions itself to become a global leader, fully committed to its bold drive to create better products and services even if it will take months or a year to try to get it fully up to speed on the latest developments.


We will keep going on creating more than double economic growth as if we have Double Heart with a Unstoppable Passion. To go a far higher to speed up international trading, the best partnerships based on a Positive Attitude that create a good idea will be fully shared with all over the world.